Wall Mount Shoe Rack- 5 Shelf - Regular

Wall Mount Shoe Rack- 5 Shelf - Regular

10 Pair (Men & Women)
Manufacturer : Veloce
Availability : In stock
Price: ₹5,550.00 incl tax
Delivery date : 1 Week

Product Feature :

  • Ultra compact: This wall-mounted shoe rack is only 5″ slim and occupies minimum space.
  • Easy to operate: Self-balancing technology makes the door operating simple and trouble-free.
  • Safe: Quality lock to keep your footwear safe even outside the home.
  • User-friendly: When you open a door, all the doors open automatically, making it easy for you to find your footwear.
  • Hygienic: Cross ventilation keeps the rack free from odour and humidity.


Technical Feature :

  • Mfg. with 1mm CRCA Sheet with 7 tank Pretreatment Quality Powder Coating.
  • Sturdy Single Frame Structure with all work done on Automatic CNC Machines.
  • 5″ Slim Depth with Wall Mounting Provision.
No of Shelf 5
Color Gray White
Height (mm) 1702
Width (mm) 127
Length (mm) 508
Weight (Kgs) 28

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